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I gave this book four stars, as I found George McVey to be a wonderfully gifted storyteller in this enjoyable series of three books. Each one was a portion of a story about a pastor who traveled west to become a circuit rider. Having been taught by his very world-wise grandfather, he finds himself being immediately challenged by various outlaws, and because he finds himself in a position to protect others each time, he picks up guns, which his grandfather taught him to use.

McVey describes the very difficult positions people must sometimes face in life, sometimes picking up responsibilities that fly in the face of biblical wisdom. The Preacher, as Nathan Ryder is called, becomes a man with a reputation he does not ask for, and continually tries to avoid.

We are allowed to “look over” Nathan’s shoulder as he reads the bible and understand things he learns on his travels to his new position in Redemption, New Mexico. The most satisfying to those of us who love God is the changed lives.

It helped a bit that these books were westerns and especially helped that these stories were told by someone who has an innate sense of great storytelling. There were errors in each that may be difficult for readers with sensitive English skills to handle. I was able to rationalize the story as something possibly written by a western pioneer untrained in such things. I continued to read, and I did write the author about the difficulty with the editing. He assured me by return note that a new edition is in the works and will soon be available.  Karen

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