More Winter…

You may be facing yet more cold and snowy weather today… or due tomorrow. *Sigh*

Most of us are very tired of the Winter of 2014. It has been an up and down battle for many of us, dealing with the cold or clearing snow over and over again.

It makes me want to simply snuggle up instead of braving the roads, and I’m awfully glad I don’t have to drive for a living anymore.

That doesn’t negate the need to be very prepared for winter driving. Clearing snow is a given. Warming the vehicle to ready it for driving down the road is a given. Driving on slippery roads isn’t. Are you facing the prospect of getting caught on a slippery surface? Here are tips from someone who has driven a bus for 15 years…

1)     Start out earlier, if you can. More time to get where you’re going will allow you to make informed choices. Avoid “rush hour” – going over plowed secondary roads will be faster and less prone to accidents than the main roads if potentially slippery weather is predicted to roll through the area.

2)     Decide on routes that will give you more “go power.” If you can avoid the street with the huge hill, do so (If you live on the street with the huge hill, you’ve already learned to park somewhere else if you need to get somewhere). Avoid unplowed streets. If you must drive on an incline, make sure you’ve got sand, salt, or kitty litter in your car, preferably giving you extra weight over the wheels. Plan to move steadily from one point to another and don’t stop on the incline.

3)     Shift your transmission to S or first gear. You will have more ability to control the car in slippery situations.

4)     Finally, go slowly. Speed is the major factor in a slide when you realize you have no traction.

And, just because you’re reading this… you have my prayers for your safety.  Blessings! Karen

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