Meet Mark Bouton ~ Thursday, October 16th from 3pm to 6pm, at Creative Corners Gallery, Books & Gifts in Topeka, KS

Buy How to Spot Lies Like the FBI from, or meet Mark Bouton at Creative Corners Gallery, Books & Gifts, Thursday, October 16th, 2014 from 3pm to 6pm.

I read Mark Bouton’s book, “How to Spot Lies like the FBI.”

Mark does a great job, discussing not only the tells that have been on countless TV shows and interviews, but reveals tips from his own experiences as an FBI agent. He explains the situations that got him out of trouble and the situations others have used to reveal the truth.

Mark’s book is a great read for writers wishing to expand their descriptive ability when it comes to fleshing out a character. He describes nuanced physical reactions that may indicate someone’s not telling the whole truth.

I’ve decided to buy a copy of this book for the Jim Overturf Writers’ Reference Library to be opened with our Writers Workshop Space in Creative Corners Gallery, Books & Gifts at 115 SE 6th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas. It is worth every penny for those who wish to improve their observational skills.

Karen Overturf

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