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Dessert for Breakfast – Breakfast for Dessert – Only 10 steps

no cinnamon roll

Are Cinnamon Rolls something you can’t resist?
Me Too!

I looooove cinnamon rolls. Sinful, sweet, gooey, yummy and calorie laden. I am able to curb my craving to one batch every two weeks.  When I asked of myself what I could do to have a more wholesome meal than the cinnamon rolls I was prepared to bake, I came up with this…

I loved this! Serves 4

(Alisa Sharpe, our heroine in Dead Man Talking who also can’t pass up a cinnamon roll when one calls her by name, would love this recipe, too!)

1)     Prepare your favorite crumble topping (usually made with oatmeal, sugar, butter and cinnamon – I add a tiny pinch of cardamom, a pinch of nutmeg, a pinch of cloves and a pinch of curry)

2)     Prepare 2 servings of Bob’s Red Mill Organic High Fiber Hot Cereal (or any favorite hot cereal of your choice.) Bob’s Red Mill Organic High Fiber Hot Cereal boasts 8 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber!

3)     Stir in a packet of plain gelatin (flavorless and adds 5 grams of protein to the dish)

4)     Stir in ½ cup of dried blueberries.

5)     Sweeten and add cinnamon to the cereal to taste (your choice of sweetener)

6)     Stir together two whole eggs.

7)     Temper the eggs with hot milk (I heat water and stir in dry milk – more protein!) and stir the tempered eggs into the cereal. As you are stirring the eggs with a whisk, stir in the hot milk a few drops at a time to prevent the eggs from cooking and curdling in the hot cereal.

8)     Pour the cereal/egg mixture into a small baking dish (5×7 size) to create ¾ inch layer).

9)     Top with the topping.

10)  Bake at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes (the thin layer, already hot, will cook quickly) until the custard is set.

Enjoy! Karen

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