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Roads of Yesterday – by Linda Colvin Funk

You will enjoy the memories of growing up in the fifties! Linda Colvin Funk has written down 40 years of stories about Topeka, Kansas and farming near Nortonville, Kansas into one book. Some of her work has been published in Washburn’s “Inscape,” The “Kansas City Star Magazine,” and Reminisce and “Reminisce Extra.” Inside, among other photos, you’ll see their personal photos of Topeka and farming, Clay Street, the ’51 flood, and selling vegetables on the curb. The names and subjects of interest are: the Santa Fe railroad strike, Hayden High School, Holy Name Catholic Church, Mrs. Konrade, Mr. Walker and Jimmy and Tammy Miller of Charleston, South Carolina. I enjoyed my own memories of childhood for the few years I lived in Topeka as I read her book. It is bound well for many generations to understand Topeka in the fifties from the eyes of a child now grown. I bought one and will keep it for a long time! Five stars for the writing and the memories!

Linda Colvin Funk's book will last for years to come!

Linda Colvin Funk’s book will last for years to come!

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The Child in your Heart will love this just as much as the children in your life!


Click the image to get to the Amazon page! Tex the Turkey’s Jiggly, Jaggly, Wiggly, Waggly Thing

I had the opportunity to read about Tex this morning! Newly available on, Tex the Turkey’s Jiggly, Jaggly, Wiggly, Waggly Thing Is a fun little story that gets to the heart of what it’s like when one feels like a statement is a criticism, but turns out to be the truth. Graciousness becomes the norm for Tex the Turkey. Read this to the children, and enjoy the beautiful Illustrations! Author Sheila Dalrymple and Illustrator Jennifer Perrin are stars in their own right, and I look forward to more stories from these two!

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Another five star review… from Reader’s Favorite!

Star Star Star Star Star

Dead Man Talking
An Alisa Sharpe Mystery
by Jim Overturf
Fiction – Mystery – Sleuth
312 Pages
Reviewed on 02/16/2014



 Book Review -Reviewed by Eileen Johnson for Readers’ Favorite

In the prologue to Dead Man Talking: An Alisa Sharpe Mystery by Jim Overturf, we first meet James Monroe Taeggardt, the millionaire owner of multiple tire stores. J.M., or “Big Jim” as he is known to some, is preparing to record cassettes twelve and thirteen of a confession. It is obvious that Big Jim is feeling remorse for something he has done and wants to wipe the slate clean by telling the truth and naming his accomplices. As the prologue ends, we hear the beginning of the confession as J.M. begins talking. In the first chapter, we meet private eye Alisa Sharpe as she is closing one case. Alisa is an ex-cop turned private eye when she was required to leave the police force due to injury. Alisa is approached by her boss to look into the death of Big Jim. His death has been ruled a suicide, but Taeggardt’s sister, Hedda, is convinced that J.M. was murdered. Alisa takes the case and the wild ride begins!Dead Man Talking is a wonderful mystery with references to great literature, the Bible, and secret codes. As the reader, we know that the tapes exist. The mystery for us is not whether or not J.M. was murdered since we know early in the book that he could not have committed suicide. Instead, the fun in this mystery is the twists and turns that the book takes as Alisa and a great cast of characters unravel the mystery and learn the truth behind Big Jim’s death. There are lots of unexpected surprises and very well developed characters in this mystery. Dead Man Talking is highly recommended!
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