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My Newest Book – Dead Man Talking, An Alisa Sharpe Mystery

    All my books are the best I’ve done when I put them out. I am especially proud of this one, because it took me two years, two surgeries (which afforded me plenty of time to research) and getting my beloved to read and edit between her job, her studies (which earned her an AAS diploma with high distinction), her training and her licensing as a nursing home administrator. The best thing that has happened while she waits for her new career is that this book looks fabulous, inside and out, and I am so happy, content, and inspired. As we journeyed through her mission to create “home” for those who need care as well as those who care, we read about the founder of The Good Samaritan Society, Dad Hoeger, and it began a sea change in the way I write books. This first book in the series uses bible quotes on unfinished cassette tapes to give clues as to the victim’s circumstances. I enjoyed researching bibles for that one so much, I’m listening to classical music as I write the current one. This is the kind of research I can live with. Following God’s leading isn’t a bad idea – It’s rather peaceful, and I learn a lot. Jim.

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