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It should be “MITE”…who’s in charge here?

Widow's Mite

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The working title for Ash Wednesday’s sermon was “The widow’s might.”

My inward editor cringed.

How could this happen? Word strikes again, correcting a spelling to something more “normal.” I said nothing to anyone, because it was already published in several places, and broadcast. There was no way to bring back the embarrassment of the obvious mistake.

It should be “MITE”…who’s in charge here?


The pastor began the sermon after reading the verse about the poor widow who only had two coins. All she had to give, she gave, and Jesus praised her, for she put in all she had.

“Most of you would think this sermon text is more suitable to Consecration Sunday,” he thundered.

“No,” he said gently. “This is not about how much you should give, or what you should give.”


The sermon turned out to be about commitment and love. The bulletin described the title as “Widow’s Row” and he began to tell us about the pews full of widows who were dedicated to their service to the community. Bound together by their common bond, they spent their days in the church, together. Meals for the grieving, quilt guilds, raising funds, holding clothing drives and on and on.

The temple didn’t care how much she gave. No one noticed her gift except our Lord.

The widow’s love for God, to further the purpose of the community, and her commitment was the point the Lord wanted to make. The same point that He himself would prove in his love for us, by taking up the cross.

Yes, our widow was Mighty!

Appropriately titled after all.

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