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“Au Revoir”

When Jim and I decided that our lives would intertwine, we both agreed that “goodbye” was something neither of us wanted to ever say. It’s too “final.” It doesn’t say what we believe.

So, if you overhear us talking on the telephone, or parting from each other in public to do separate tasks, you’ll hear “Au Revoir.” 

French for “Until we meet again,” this phrase has a wonderful way of affirming, each time we talk, that there will be another meeting. Yes, we both know that life intervenes in ways that can interrupt our expectations for today, or tomorrow. We may be sad tomorrow because we must wait for that next meeting a little longer. The blessing in “Au Revoir” affirms life. Life goes on, and it’s a journey that takes us beyond what we can see.

The bible speaks over and over of life, before and after our earthly journey.

Psalm 139 speaks of God knowing us before we lived on earth.

16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

In the gospels, Jesus tells us that we can expect eternal life, and its our choice how that eternity exists.

Science has proved that life exists beyond our perceptions. A rock may appear lifeless, or even useless, but within its makeup is life.

There are countless people that have come through our lives that we look forward to seeing again. There are people who have moved across the divide before we could say “Au Revoir,” and we will joyfully hold them in a huge bear hug once we see them again.

To my friends, even if I have not met you yet, Au Revoir! We will meet again!


“Liquid Love” By Penguino As seen on Deviant Art

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