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What seasoned daily travelers know…

Carrying something along can make a long time into “already?”

I’ve had the opportunity to watch a lot of people, and I know what it’s like to wait.

Having nothing to do when waiting is terrible for me. Two minutes passes so slowly it seems like ten when you’re waiting for the bus, or an elevator, or the light to turn green so you can cross the street. When it’s really cold, inside or out, the time moves even slower.

Next time you’re doing one of these things, have a ball “people watching.”  More often than not, the normally short wait (90 seconds to 2 minutes programmed into schedule or computer) will frustrate the person who is not prepared and they will be looking at a watch or punching the button repeatedly.

The calmer people around you will have something with them. Reading, writing, computing, music. They may decide to pay bills or plan their day.

There is something else they do. They make sure they are well-planned enough to not wait too long. For instance, Will it snow tomorrow? If you must catch a bus, train or plane, consider making a plan B. I often had to park my car closer to the arterials to avoid getting “snowed in” and missing my “must do” job.

What seasoned riders do when they walk or ride in the dark –

One of the things I’ve seen is such a wonderful timesaver and a brilliant idea. A flashlight umbrella!

Not only does a person who often walks need an umbrella for those surprise rain showers, but also can use the flashlight to light their way or alert a bus driver to stop for them.

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