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My Review of Tessa – From Fear To Faith


Melissa Wiltrout, Author of Tessa – From Fear to Faith


Tessa – From Fear to Faith is a compelling and well written novel about a teenager’s journey through her fear of her father, finding God, seeing changes about her life, and dealing with hard feelings in spite of her need to forgive.

The story of Tessa’s life of abuse and being forced to work in her father’s meth lab was difficult to read about, however, it is descriptive of a situation that is very true to the lives of more than a few children. In spite of having to deal with the “fear” portion of Tessa’s life, I found I could not put this book down until the story was complete.

Tessa also deals with normal teenage pressures of needing to spread wings, wanting to distance oneself from parents, and choosing appropriate friends. Those pressures are compounded by the thoughtless attitudes of others at school who think getting nice things for Christmas is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, not every parent recognizes the need for humility when they give their children things. I felt Melissa Wiltrout described the warmth and freedom of accepting Jesus’ promises accurately, because it is exactly the same way I knew I was His when I turned to Jesus 42 years ago. Melissa Wiltrout also, wisely, gives readers who can identify with abusive situations options for help at the end of the book. This story is not all fiction. God changes lives like this every day.     I received this novel in a PDF from the publisher for my honest opinion.  Karen

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